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Hey! My name is Alexandra Jeitan and I am really happy you dropped by to read my story!

It all started with my passion for food. Cooking, eating, you name it. Having such an amazing passion requires some attention, though. So I started wondering what would be a perfect balance because I didn’t want to stop eating and also wanted to stay healthy.

I’ve graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the world’s largest nutrition school, and the most important thing I learned there is how everybody is different and should have their own personalized lifestyle/diet.

If this trial and error period taught me anything it’s that diet alone won’t fix all your problems! Not eating satisfying food and always paying attention to calories can be very stressful. We all want to be awesome, feel amazing, and we can do that together while having FUN!

Speaking of fun here’s some fun facts about me:

  • I love chaos while everybody else in my life hates it. Yes, I throw everything around and my desk is a mess! It’s weird how I find stuff in this mayhem and how I don’t when everything is in place. I am convinced this is a gift and it’s the source of my creativity!

  • I am very impatient and I need results fast. So yes… I know your struggles… We can work on this point together!

  • I love animals! No, this was an understatement, I am obsessed with animals! I am the lucky owner of a cute pup named Taco. She’s extremely annoying but I love her to death.

  • My favorite thing in the world is food and my second favorite is traveling.

Why a website?

A lot of friends turn to me for advice in different areas of their lives and it made me realize I should reach more people. This website is the perfect tool. I love helping people and being there for them through good and bad and this is the easiest, fastest way I could find. What I do here is share my knowledge and experience. You might have a different opinion on some subjects but I am eager to share points of view and discuss them.

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I believe in making things easy. A diet or a lifestyle shouldn’t be draining and keep us away from enjoying life to its fullest! Nobody is perfect and you shouldn’t be either. You can accept your flaws as your trademark, they make you YOU.  So let’s eat plenty, be healthy and forget about diets!

One of my dearest projects is Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. As ambassadors, we try to raise awareness about children’s healthy eating habits and sources of nutrients. If you want to learn more and join the revolution please visit the Food Revolution official website.

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