Merry Belly! And 8 tips on how to avoid overeating during Holidays

December… what a wonderful month! So much food… so much tasty yummy food… my brain is on steroids!

For most people, the holiday season is a happy time. We get to see our families, our old friends, enjoy ourselves, eat yummy food and to be honest, forget about real life for a few days. The problem is always the day(s) after. You can think about it as a hangover which might be accompanied by an actual hangover. What if I told you, you can enjoy holidays without the hangover and the 3 extra kilos that you’ll dread after?

The main source of yumminess will probably be dinners at work, with the family, with friends. If you organize a dinner at your house, you’re the boss and there’s plenty of yummy food you could put on the table without getting everyone stuffed like the turkey you might eat.

The tips that I follow to avoid overeating are actually pretty useful during the rest of the year as well. Here are 8 strategies that I personally use to keep my health in check during the holiday season:

  1. Never go hungry to a party! Cause OMG, as all the snickers ads will say: “ You’re not you when you’re hungry!”. But instead of snickers, maybe grab a healthy snack. I recommend a handful of good old nuts *wink wink*: walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, or a protein shake, a salad, chia pudding, or whatever else is healthy and you find satisfying. Keep your blood sugar at a steady level, because if it goes too low you will eat the entire table, ma’ friend!
  2.  Everybody at this party get tipsy! Yaaasss, alcohol, known to make you think you can dance, and that you actually like your relatives… Drink, have fun but don’t forget to hydrate yourself to avoid that headache/body ache/spirit-ache in the morning.  Go for low-cal drinks: wine, tequila(or other spirits), and as a rule of thumb for each glass of wine/shot drink 3 glasses of water. Grab the water first for the best results!
  3. Going to grandma’s or mom’s? BOVASYFWT (bring your own vegetables and stuff your face with them)
  4. Get a small plate, you don’t need to eat off a tray to satisfy your needs!
  5. Remember that small plate? Grab veggies first, half of it should be full of veggies, the rest… YOLO
  6. Eat slowly. This is the best advice I give to all my clients! Chew until the food in your mouth is like a paste, then swallow. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but it takes a while for your stomach and brain to get in line(approx. 20 minutes). So if you stuff your face with everything super fast, your brain might wake up when it’s too late and you already want to pass out on the first couch you see.
  7. Don’t say no to something that you desire. And yes, I might be talking about pie! Having a small piece of pie might do wonders for you! The point of holidays is to enjoy them, but not to eat half a pie!
  8. Try and avoid triggers! Talking to all my fellow emotional eaters out there. I personally hate and avoid family gatherings just because there will always be someone who will make me feel bad about my weight, regardless if I’m fat/skinny/fit. If I have 3 extra kilos, someone will be like “Omg, you got fat!”, if I’m skinnier my grandma or grandpa would be like “Omg, are you sick?”. Ugh… Break, please? If you want to be with your family though, always be in charge of the conversation. You should be the one to pick the topic, and always change it if it doesn’t go your way, the “I’m happy with my weight”-way. Holidays are super stressful for emotional eaters but this is not a reason to lock yourself in the house and not talk to anyone for a month. Be in charge!


Eat a snack before you leave, drink water with your alcohol, on a small plate grab veggies first, and eat them before anything else, chew a lot, enjoy every bite, and stay in control! Control is everything!


If all my strategies have failed and you feel like a tank the next day, have some protein for breakfast(eggs, greek yogurt) and stay away from refined carbohydrates and drink loaaads of water!


Eat plenty, stay healthy, and have some super happy holidays! If you have any questions or comments drop them below:



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  1. […] The smaller the particles the better the nutrients will be absorbed and lessen the stress on your stomach. Indigestion is a very common thing nowadays, especially during holidays. It should be caused by what you eat but instead, it’s caused by how much you’re eating. Holidays are kinda like food festivals with free food. You see everything on the table and it’s like a competition of who can eat the most or try everything. If you’d take time to chew everything properly you’d feel full before you’d actually be too full and put unnecessary stress on your body. Read more about how to survive holidays. […]

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