4-Day Body&Mind Reset Challenge

Do you want to… … lose 1 kilo off your weight? … no PMS, no problem? ... be more calm and relaxed? … see how having a routine betters your day? … get your wheels in motion towards a healthy lifestyle? … WIN some awesome prizes whilst you’re at it?

Join this challenge for me and get started! Hurry up, the clock is ticking: 


What’s the challenge all about? 

To complete the challenge you'll have to :

1. Cut sugar and grains from your diet

2. Do a 10-minute workout with me 

3. Implement a 5 minute morning routine of your choosing 

 I will guide you all the way, be there to answer all your questions, and, I WILL BE IN IT WITH YOU. 

Everyday, I will be live talking about a new healthy habit which will have a huge impact on your health for the rest of your life.  

So do you want to: 

*shed 1 kilo off your weight

*feel more relaxed and energized 

*learn about the key habits that will set you up for a healthy LIFETIME  

*get answers to all your wellness related questions 

*WIN some awesome prizes?  

Ready to push the reset button?