3 ways to drink more water and why is it so important to do so


The reason why I am writing this article about water is that most people live in a state of let’s say mild dehydration due to insufficient water intake. There are a lot of ways your body consumes water (#WATERISIMPORTANTTOO) but there aren’t many ways to get it in. Drink and eat, they say, but the truth is with our current diet which lacks in fruit and vegetables, and is full of water substitutes like coffee, alcohol, and soda, we almost never get in the water that we take out.


We are all more or less ⅔ water (the brain is actually 75% water). We need it for breathing, regulating our body temperature, protecting our organs and joints, convert macronutrients into energy, removing toxins and waste and so on.

So, how do you know you’re not drinking as much water as you should?

Are you thirsty? Do you have dry mouth or bad breath? When was the last time you took a weewee? Was it a strong yellow? Are you constipated? Do you often find yourself with a bad headache and it’s not because you were watching Keeping up with the Kardashians? Are you sleepy and tired a lot even if you haven’t netflixed and chilled until 3 am?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above you should check out your water intake. The average daily intake for adults is 2.7L for women and 3.7L for men. How much are you taking in right now?

When calculating water intake, please leave out beer, wine, tequila, coke, and coffee. They all have the countereffect on your body – dehydration.

I hope I have convinced you about the importance of water. If not remember you can die after only 3 days without water! X_X

And now you’ll say: “Yeah, I know it’s important, but I always forget/I never feel thirsty/ I don’t like water.”. So the question is, how to drink more water if you’re not a waterholic?  

  1. Introduce water into your routine.   Have 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach. It will help your brain and metabolism to wake up, you will feel less foggy and sluggish, and it might even boost your mood a little bit. Going to lunch or dinner? Have 2 glasses of water before leaving. Aaand there you go… 1L of extra water per day to help you stay forever young and healthy.
  2. Tea O’clock!    So, I heard you kinda hate water because it tastes like nothing… Depending on its pH water can actually be a bit sweet. Go for alkaline water. Might be a bit more expensive than normal water, but I bet it’s cheaper than soda! As for having some flavour, tea is the perfect way to get some water in and you might find yourself getting some antioxidants as well. Rooibos helps with cravings, green tea helps with aging having a powerful antioxidant effect. Careful with weight-loss teas because have a strong diuretic effect so you might actually lose water.
  3. Fruit? Veggies? Isn’t that food?   Yes, it is! But most fruits and veggies have a high water content, and the salts you need for a good water balance (Sodium and Potassium). While sodium is in every damn meal you have at a restaurant, so much that you actually need to flush it out to avoid heart problems, potassium is a completely different story. My top sources of potassium are: avocado, spinach, sweet potato, wild-caught salmon, and to finish on a sweet-sour note – pomegranate.


Like Hippocrates would say: “ Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food!”, and like I would say: “Do what Hippocrates said, and stay hydrated!”.


Eat plenty, stay healthy, and let me know if you have any questions in a comment below:



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